Learn Mobile App Development for FREE in Magical Lake Tahoe – Online Application for January 2018

FREE Mobile App Bootcamp

Did you know that WhatsApp sold for $19B just a few years after being created?

Do you have an idea and want to create an App?

Now it’s easier than than ever to create a mobile app!

With JavaScript and React Native, you can quickly learn a single programming language and start building simple Apps, and then who knows? Maybe you’ll be selling your app to Mr. Zuckerberg for a cool Billion with a B… or maybe you’ll earn a few extra hundreds of dollars in passive income.

FREE Mobile App Bootcamp

FREE Mobile App Bootcamp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJG-69_UOMY

Or maybe you just want to build an App for your mother, father, child, or spouse as a hobby or gift. You can do it with minimum effort with React Native.

I recently taught a workshop at Northwestern Mutual (it’s a huge financial and very lucrative firm) on React Native and people who never did any mobile development were able to build a mobile app after half a day of training.

Now, there had some prior experience with JavaScript and React. I’m confident you can learn JavaScript and React too because I taught 100s of total JavaScript and React newbies. First, companies were laughing. How can you teach software development in a few weeks? Now these same companies like Twitter, Macy’s, Capital One, Salesforce, and others are chasing and competing to hire the bootcamp grads such as the Hack Reactor bootcamp grads where I taught as a guest instructor for over a year.

People, it’s possible to learn programming in a few weeks. I saw that over and over! Hey. Never is born a programmer. A baby when it’s born is not a programmer. It’s not a doctor or a lawyer. All skills are learned and taught.

What’s important is to have great teachers. My mentors were and are the best of the best of the software world. I live in the mekka of software and tech. Sometime I could just walk in in to a coffee shop and see a person who created this or that framework hacking on something and ask him a few questions. Location still maters!

What if you are bored out of your mind at your current job or just not making enough? Are you stuck in the dead-end job with out a career? I started by waiting table when I just came to the use and now I published 14 books (some of them best sellers), have my own online school, work at Fortune 500 company and speak at international conferences which pay big money to flight me, put in a nice hotel and feed luxurious dinner.

Did you know that people don’t own computers anymore? Mobile app is what everyone is using now. That’s why Mobile App Developers make a killing with the average salary being $150,000/year, and other software developers don’t even come close to mobile devs. Mobile devs are the elite.

Often mobile developers can work remotely because the demand is so huge. Imagine yourself living somewhere in a nice weather, with great food and cheap rent and making $150,000/year? It’s possible! I have a friend who traveled the world living in 6 countries for a year all while making over $10,000 per months… and saving most of it cause he stayed in hotels and ate for super cheap where the locals eat. Places like Thailand, Colombia, Czech, Poland, Ukraine, etc.

What is you want to climb a career ladder? That’s possible too. My previous boss started as a mobile developer, became a Vice President and now a CTO. All in just 5 years. Of course he’s super smart and not anyone will repeat his success but becoming a senior or lead developer just in a few years? You can do it because I know several people who finished a bootcamp similar to this and became team leads.

In a Bootcamp like this one, you can learn just the necessary stuff from the experts in React, JavaScript, and React Native in just 4 weeks! That’s right. We teach you the right way. No fluff or polka dot history classes. Play hard, learn hard. We did it many times before so we know it’s possible.


Reading blog posts is good, but watching video courses is even better because they are more engaging.

A lot of developers complained that there is a lack of affordable quality video material on Node. It's distracting to watch to YouTube videos and insane to pay $500 for a Node video course!

Go check out Node University which has FREE video courses on Node: node.university.

[End of sidenote]

We house you in beautiful South Lake Tahoe, tutor you every day for four weeks and help you create Mobile Apps. This is the best time to learn because this program might never be offered for FREE again!

The main instructors are Azat Mardan (book and course author, founder of Node University) and Samer Buna (author of many popular React and JavaScript courses and books). These instructors taught 1000+ developers face-to-face and over 50,000 online via videos, books and blog posts.

Week 1: JavaScript & React
Week 2: React Native on iOS & Android
Week 3: APIs & GraphQL
Week 4: Publishing Apps to Marketplaces

Daily Agenda 
Tue-Sun (4 hours of lectures each day. Rest is coding)
9-12: Lecture & Coding
12-1: Lunch
1-2:  Lecture & Coding
2-6: Homework time (no lecture but instructors available to answer Qs)
6-10: Free time

Mon – Day off
Wed – No homework in class, day trips like:
Snowshoe WalkingCasino/South Lake Tahoe Springs/spa/sauna
Truckee Haunted Tour

Classes: FREE
1-on-1 coaching: FREE
Job interview prep and job search help: FREE
Startup and VC coaching: FREE
Housing: FREE
Food (2 Meals per day): FREE
Trips: FREE
Internet: FREE
Books, materials: FREE
Flights to Reno, NV: You pay
Party money: You pay
Extra Food and Snacks: You pay
Special diet: You pay
Computer: You bring your own

Our team will select participants by Dec 10th, 2017.

Questions? Email Azat or message on Facebook or Telegram (http://azat.co)

If you are a beginner and want to learn Mobile Apps development, apply now for a FREE 4-week mobile app “bootcamp” (intensive full-time live-in program) in South Lake Tahoe for January 2018.

To complete your application, we need you to record a video of yourself telling us a bit about yourself and why you think this bootcamp is a fit for you. Keep it short, 1-3 minutes. 

Please also note that to be considered for the program, you have to be able to get yourself to Reno, Nevada by January 1st and commit to 1 month of full time here. The transportations costs are not included in the free deal. We can’t help you with travel arrangements.

Apply here -> https://goo.gl/forms/J7a0m3gMRAmsmfE92


Best Regards,
Azat Mardan
Microsoft MVP | Book and Course Author | Software Engineering Leader
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To contact Azat, the main author of this blog, submit the contact form or schedule a call at clarity.fm/azat and we can go over your bugs, questions and career.

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