Node.js 4 is Gone for Good and Why I Switched to Java

Node.js 4 is Gone for Good and Why I Switched to Java

I switched to Java.
I use IntelliJ IDEA to write Java code almost every day now.

You might be curious what happened?

I’ll tell you in a bit, but before, here’s a big news from the Node Foundation:

NODE 4 is no longer supported

This means if you use Node.js version 4 and there’s a bug,
security vulnerability or some other nasty thing,
then you are all on your own.

No one will push an official patch.

Node 10 is LTS. Node 8 is LTS but Node 4 LTS is no longer supported.
LTS means long-term support.
I explained it in one of my podcasts.

Don’t be like Uber who runs on Node 0.10.
Update to Node 8 or better Node 10 now.

As of me, I don’t have any production Node projects anymore.
And I don’t need to update anything.

In February, I joined Indeed as an Engineering Leader.

I’m getting myself aquatinted with the Indeed tech stack and it’s all Java here… but guess what?
I totally love it!

I enjoy having predictable autocomplete.

I enjoy creating bazzilion classes, getters, setters, interfaces and immutables, because I feel more productive (I know, it could be just an illusion).

I might even revisit my Java to Node guide and write Node to Java.


Reading blog posts is good, but watching video courses is even better because they are more engaging.

A lot of developers complained that there is a lack of affordable quality video material on Node. It's distracting to watch to YouTube videos and insane to pay $500 for a Node video course!

Go check out Node University which has FREE video courses on Node:

[End of sidenote]

I still can’t believe I write Java again after 10 years but here I am.
Writing Spring controller, Java 8 optionals and POJOs.

Life is a constant learning and it’s fun to learn new tech.

Speaking of learning, make sure you check out new NodeU plans.
The lowest starts just at $5/y. It’ll buy me a cup of coffee.

If you are serious about learning and want me to coach you personally1-on–1, then buy my $500/y plan
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As for me, I’m going back to my IDEA and NullPointer Exceptions.

Best Regards,
Azat Mardan
Microsoft MVP | Book and Course Author | Software Engineering Leader
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One thought on “Node.js 4 is Gone for Good and Why I Switched to Java

  1. donny

    Hello mr. engineer.

    I’m engineering in java the last 10 years that you missed.
    I’m also engineering in javascript since the web technologies are depending on it and you can do anything by bringing together a couple of tools.

    Languages are also tools and typically you choose the most appropriate tool according to the needs of the project.
    And here you are comparing apples with oranges.
    Java compiles in bytecode. Javascript doesn’t, at least not yet.
    Would it be possible? Why not, facebook wrote a php compiler and boosted the speed of it’s php files 90% a couple of years ago…. saving a lot of energy sources.

    Nullpointers exceptions are so stupid, since they could be predicted at compile time, with a @NotNull annotation for example. This is java’s biggest defect for me. And it’s kinda huge.
    Don’t get me wrong, I still love java, I just put things in place.

    Interfaces and encapsulation are definitely NOT a productivity illusion! Giving such a statement or even not be sure about it is worse than it sounds…

    The only reason that I bother to write here, in this random google page is not to change your mind, or even remind you things, but to clear up basics since beginners would be totally distracted by your statements.

    It’s clear that after 10 years you should be reminded that classes, interfaces and encapsulation are essential in OOP. Which is essential for software development for much longer than a decade!!

    Also, there is a language that is full of types and compiles in any javascript version.
    It’s called TypeScript.
    It’s widely used and supported by microsoft.
    Most ide’s supports it in and out of the box.
    You can’t go wrong with it. It has nothing less than java can give you, based on your arguments.
    You should check it out, yesteday!

    Happy engineering…

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