Join My Node Team at Indeed in SF: Great Impact, Life and Rewards

Join My Node Team at Indeed in SF: Great Impact, Life and Rewards

As you know, about a year ago I decided to join Indeed, the world’s #1 job search website. The company mission is simple yet powerful. It’s not a gimmick like in other companies (“Don’t be evil”, really Google?). Indeed’s mission is to help people find jobs. In this fast-changing economy, this mission is paramount.

I am having a great time here at Indeed. In addition to a great mission, there are a lot of interesting projects and smart passionate people. Every day I keep learning new things. You may wonder what I do.

To be more specific about my work, I’m managing several teams in Front-End Core, part of Engineering Capabilities. The teams work on things related to Node and Front-End Developer Experience. We build the back-end and front-end infrastructure for other products and teams. Our work is important because 100s of other software engineers use our services and tools. We are at the leading edge in terms of bringing the best tools and developer experiences.

I’m hiring a full-stack software engineer with the focus on Node into my team in San Francisco. The Indeed’s SF office is convenient. It’s right off Embarcadero and across the new Salesforce Transit Center. We have a huge patio for working, chatting and getting some vitamin D. You can take a look at the office in this video: This engineer will be working next to me, other SF teams and with Node team members in Austin, Seattle and Tokyo. Needless to say, there are exciting travel opportunities and flexible WFH schedule.

As of the tech stack, Indeed is a Java shop but our team is changing it quickly. Some knowledge or desire to work on Java is good because it will allow the engineer to work on wider range of tasks. Indeed is very generous in giving engineers time to learn. Most day-to-day work is Node. The break down is roughly this: 70% Node, 10% Java and 20% everything else such as cloud, MongoDB, Docker, React, Redux, GraphQL, gRPC, and so on.

Here are some examples of what we built or plan to build in the near future:

  • Node skeletons (templates)
  • Chrome extensions
  • Wrappers around Webpack and front-end build tools
  • Node server-side rendering services
  • GraphQL backend-as-a-service

Some perks working at Indeed include: professional development (learning) money, unlimited paid vacation (PTO), free food and drinks (even multiple sort of cold brew which I haven’t even seen at Google), games and social activities.

This work may not be for everyone. If someone just wants to coast along, take it slowly at work and don’t learn anything, then this job is not for him/her. If you want to make an impact, deliver results and be rewarded for it, then send me a message with your resume and I’ll chat with you.

Best Regards,
Azat Mardan
Microsoft MVP | Book and Course Author | Software Engineering Leader
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