Advanced Prototyping with JavaScript and NodeJS

“Advanced Prototyping with JavaScript and NodeJS” is a hand-on / practical course which will introduce trainees to building and deploying application. The training is designed to improve skills of intermediate web developers, front-end developers and people who took our “Rapid Prototyping with JavaScript and NodeJS” training. The attendees are expected to know the basics of JavaScript language and have familiarity with HTML, CSS and general web development principals and techniques.



8 hours over one day, plus 1 hour lunch break.


Attendees are strongly encouraged to have basic programming knowledge, JavaScript skills and familiarity with web development. Taking our “[Rapid Prototyping with JavaScript and NodeJS]” training is highly recommended.

Class Size

Up to 20 people.

Provided at the training

  1. Hard copy of the manual
  2. Soft copy of the manual
  3. USB stick with libraries and packages


Upon successful completion attendees will be awarded certificate.

Hardware requirement

Laptop with WiFI and able to handle installation of necessary libraries and packages. OSX devices are preferred but Win PCs are okay.

Location and Dates

Aug 25 2012, Redwood City, CA


  • NodeJS: http, url, querystring, util modules
  • BackboneJS: views, models, collections; binding events to collection, working with nested/subviews and dynamically generated views.
  • RequireJS: asynchronous module and file loading
  • ExpressJS – framework for NodeJS: scaffolding, folder structure, templates.
  • RESTifyNodeJS framework for REST APIs
  • Native MongoDB driver: query results, BSON objects, modify data.
  • Mongoose: data types and models.
  • and building real-time applications

100% Money-back Guaranteed

We believe in customer satisfaction and building long-term relationships. Therefore, if you are not totally satisfied by the end of the training we would honor full 100% refund of the tuition fees.

*subject to change