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Programmers Are Assholes?

Right now, I’m lucky to work in a great team where everybody is a wonderful human being. However, during the years in software engineering, I’ve encountered a disproportionate number of assholes comparing to other fields or professions. Does coding affect someone’s personality negatively or it’s the other way around? Do computers attract certain asocial elements, so they can put on the headphones and not talk to people? Why there are more assholes in software engineering than in real estate or food&beverage?
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Get Your Programming Questions Answered

If you have questions about programming and web development, we’re accepting them. Don’t suffer in the unknown!

Depending on the volume of received questions, we’ll be answering some of them on our blog and a future podcast.

Example topics:

  • What programming language should I learn?
  • How to land a dream job in software engineering?
  • What libraries should I use?
  • What is NoSQL?
  • What is Node.js?

Send your questions via the form: http://webapplog.com/about-azat-mardanov/.

Ship Code That Matters

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the meaning of life and our purpose on planet Earth. Just kidding! I was thinking why so many programmers are unhappy. Programming is fun and creative after all. The main reason for the unhappiness is that such engineers don’t believe in the software product they’re building. They don’t see how it can benefit end-users. Maybe they don’t even know who their end-users are.

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