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Express.js and Mongoose Example: Building HackHall

Note: This text is a part of the Express.js Guide: The Comprehensive Book on Express.js.

The HackHall project was written using Backbone.js and Underscore for the front-end app, and Express.js, MongoDB via Mongoose for the back-end REST API server.

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Q&A: ImageMagick and Code Organization in Express.js

We continue with the Q&A from our readers. This is a question from Ian, the reader of Rapid Prototyping with JS.

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ExpressWorks: an Automated Express.js/Node.js Workshop and Tutorial

TL;DR: ExpressWorks is an automated Express.js/Node.js workshop.

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The Release of Express.js Guide: The Comprehensive Book on Express.js

Express.js is a de facto standard of Node.js development and the most popular NPM library as of today! However, as with any framework, sometimes the learning curve is steep. At HackReactor, I often asked the same questions about code organization, authentication, database connections and deployment.

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Todo App with Express.js/Node.js and MongoDB

Note: This tutorial is a part of Express.js Guide: The Comprehensive Book on Express.js.

Todo apps are considered to be quintessential in showcasing frameworks akin to famous Todomvc.com for front-end JavaScript frameworks. In this example, we’ll use Jade, forms, LESS, AJAX/XHR and CSRF.

In our Todo app, we’ll intentionally not use Backbone.js or Angular to demonstrate how to build traditional websites with the use of forms and redirects. In addition to that, we’ll explain how to plug-in CSRF and LESS.

Example: All the source code is in the github.com/azat-co/todo-express for your convenience.

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