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Are you tired of seeing the Sublime Text 2 registration popup?

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How To Up Your API Game: DocuSign DevCon

DocuSign DevCon 2015

If you develop apps and work (or plan to work) with business APIs like: DocuSign, Salesforce, Twilio, Dropbox, Runscope, Gradle, then read on. I have some good news for you.

I remember that each time I had to integrate my apps with some third-party service, I was at the mercy of their documentation, samples and support team. Most time those resources were sufficient.

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Ask Me Anything Webapplog Hangout

Webapplog Hangout

I want to help YOU. I want to hear and see you this Sunday at 10am PT on Google Hangout. For one hour you can ask me anything.

Here are the benefits of you showing up for the hangout:

  • You can clarify questions you might have after reading Webapplog and my books
  • You can get guidance about getting a job, a career advice, interview&resume tips
  • You can improve your communication and mindset (for business or 9-5 work).
  • You can increase you energy with yoga and paleo lifestyle advice
  • You can create additional income by asking me about publishing books and courses (and marketing them)
  • You can get feedback on the project you’re working on (or a book, or a copy)
  • You can learn what is so great about growth hacking, marketing, selling and copywriting

It’s an absolutely free Google Hangout. So what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars for Sunday 10am PT and save this link—>>>

PS: Only first 10 participants will be able to get into the Hangout Video Chat.

The End of Node.js?


There have been a lot of buzz around io.js for the past few months. Basically, io.js is a branched (forked in Git/GitHub terminology) version of Node.js.

One of the main reasons to deviate from the main Node.js project was to speed up the development. This way io.js can have more recent features from Google Chrome V8 and ECMAScript6. Those are good things, right? Then, why there has been so many concerns over the future of Node.js/io.js? Why some people were confused and skeptical?

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Formal Monday

Formal Monday

I’m about to give you, my fellow knowledge worker, some amazing advice that can greatly improve your enjoyment of the work week, make you more productive, get you a promotion or a date (if you’re single)! Yeah, that’s right! All those things, and all you need is spend two minutes glancing over this article. :-)

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My Predictions for 2015

Predictions 2015

Here are my ten predictions for 2015. Most of them probably will be incorrect. Yes. I’m seldom right, but I’m never without an opinion.

  • Web development, online payments, Node.js and JavaScript will continue to grow with more and better frameworks, hosting and solutions that don’t even require coding.
  • Udemy, SkillShare and similar marketplaces for online courses will increase the number of offerings. The quality bar will raise. The marketplaces might become saturated.
  • Coding academies will expand into online format to cut costs and consolidate as the geo-markets will get saturated. At the same time traditional education (colleges, universities) will continue to get people into debt and produce inadequate results.
  • The number of freelancers (coding, design, copywriting, VAs) will increase while their prices will remain competitively low.
  • Apps and small SaaS businesses will become even easier to build spiking new offerings for consumers and business.
  • Majority of unsuccessful and unpopular podcasts (~95%) will die.
  • More people will start leaving their normal jobs for entrepreneurial endeavors or start side projects. Other will look for alternative paths for their creativity (books, blogging, freelance).
  • Robots will become smarter and continue to displace blue-color jobs (driverless cars, delivery drones, Roomba). Hence, re-training for new jobs is vital (see #2 and #3).
  • The zen-like lifestyle stress-free trend will continue to grow supported by more studies and better diets like Paleo/Bulletproof/SCD/Slowcarbs. More farm-to-table choices and more organic and grass-fed options will be available.
  • Technical and business books will become cheaper, often times free to serve as lead generation for later upsell into other products like online trainings, seminars… and entertainment books are already at the $0.99 mark.
  • Internet television (YouTube) and shows from tech companies (Netflix, is going replace traditional TV in more home. It will be even cheaper to start your own TV channel online that ever before.

What are your thoughts about my predictions? What are you predictions for 2015?

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is writing a post on someone else’s blog. It’s a good way to get new readers and engage in a new community. For new bloggers, it’s a good way to get attention to your own blog.

Michael Hyatt, whose book Platform I’m reading now, emphases this point. Other prominent bloggers, such as Chris Brogan and Guy Kawasaki, state it as well. Moreover, for readers it provide a new perspective and variety.

I decided to offer other people to write on Send me your ideas to my email hi (at) azat (dot) co.


Free & Easy Hosting

GitHub Pages

If you need a simple website for your project, then use GitHub pages. It’s free and better than cheap $4.99/mo hosting, which can be easily hacked, is slow and requires you to use cPanel.

Here’s what you’ll need to get your website up and running:

  1. Create account on GitHub (do it once).
  2. Create a new repository.
  3. Send your developer a link to that repository, and a Twitter Bootstrap theme of your choice (Google it if you don’t know where to get a beatiful theme).
  4. Point your CNAME records in Godaddy, or whatever you’re using, to GitHub IPs ( and
  5. Merge pull request from you developer on
  6. Boom! You’ve got your website.

I use this technique for my 10+ websites, some of them quite fancy:

There’s no need for WordPress or PHP. GitHub Pages is free and it is faster than BlueHost.

The site must be static only without any PHP, Node.js or any other server-side logic. You can use foxyform or EmailMeForm for contact forms, and Gumroad for sales. For blogs, you can use Wintersmith or Jekyll.

CoffeeScript: The Good Parts-Write Better JavaScript

CoffeeScript: The Good Parts—Write Better javaScript

I’ve published a new short course on CoffeeScript. The course will teach you major benefits of using CoffeeScript to write better JavaScript code for both browser and server.

You can save 66% off and get this course for only $3 with the code “wal”, or by clicking this link —>>>

As always, the course has some bonus content. More information and preview is available as well.