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Davide Barranca

Davide Barranca

I’d like to thank Azat and for the ProgWriter book – while reading it, I felt like I could have been a perfect fit as a new… ProgWriter!
In fact I’ve spent the last seven months, (almost a pregnancy!), writing my own “Adobe Photoshop HTML Panels Development”, ( which I’ve put for sale just before Easter…

Web development. So much promise. So much frustration.

If you’re reading this, you are thinking about solving a software problem. You search the Internet for a solution. You’re looking for an easy and right to the point answer or a tutorial.

We make it ridiculously easy and fun to build web apps is a resource for software engineers, web developers, Node.js & JavaScript professionals and startupers. There are over 200 posts on this blog written by published author Azat Mardan.

Azat Mardan, author, at Great Wide Open 2016

Azat Mardan at Great Wide Open 2016

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