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Entrepreneur, 12+ years in IT and web development expert: NodeJS, JavaScript, MongoDB, Ruby on Rails, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS. 500 Startups (batch Fall 2011) alumnus.

5 Habits of Highly Successful Software Engineers

5 Habits of Highly Successful Software Engineers

There are multiple ways how software engineers can achieve a successful career. Some can be early employees at Google while others can be a life-long employees of IBM. Some can build side projects while other can get equity. But there are only five common habits and traits:

  1. LEARN: Find balance between learning and doing. Have a solid knowledge of fundamentals either from college degrees or from educating yourself with books and online courses. Constantly apply your knowledge to practice.
  2. WORK: Find balance between productivity and rest. Consistency in productivity is better than burnout.
  3. CONTRIBUTE: Learn the business side of things. Produce highly valuable products which are useful for customers and beneficial for the business.
  4. INNOVATE: Invest in a forward-thinking technology that a reasonable person would expect to become more in demand and desirable over tie.
  5. THINK LONG-TERM: Treat others with respect, honestly and fairly. Think and act long-term. Contribute to open source or teach because it helps you and others.

Programmer vs. Software Engineer vs. Software Developer vs. Coder

Programmer vs. Software Engineer vs. Developer vs. Coder

Hello everyone! In this post, I want to contrast the terms with which other people and we ourselves call us. There are a lot of confusion around the names for our trade. People use terms such as software engineer, software developer. Some people even use programmer or coder, etc., etc. And some event go as far as ninja, guru, or rock star. So let’s take a look at the differences. Of course, it’s all just my opinion but I’ve been in this industry for 15 years. I know a bit or two. So let’s go ahead.

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5 Reasons Programming is Awesome

5 Reasons Programming is Awesome

Let’s start from the smallest to the biggest five reasons why programming and software development is awesome.

The reason number 5 (smallest) is programming can pay really well. The average income in the USA is somewhere along $50K per year per household. Programmers typically starts their careers with $80K/year salaries. In major metro areas the salaries are way higher than that. They can easily be in the $120–150K/year range.

The reason number 4 is that you are never bored. There’s always something new. Sometimes new technologies come out before you even release your product. Thus, you are never out of things to learn and update. A lot of people are bored out of their minds at their jobs. Most of them perform the same mundane tasks for 5, 10, 15 years… Not you. Lucky you! Programmers can always grow, learn and master the skills by learning and seeking more challenging problems and solving them.

The reason number 3 is that it’s a real career. Some jobs are not careers. Avoid them. For example, a taxi or an Uber/Lyft driver will always be a driver. A Denny’s waitress will always be a waitress even after 40 years at her job. It’s a dead end. Avoid it. A lot of programmers start as junior developers/engineers, then they progress to associate developers. This could happen in as short as two (2) years. After that, some of them are promoted to senior developers in as short as 3–4 years. That’s not all. The path continues to principal, staff engineer, architect, manager, director, vice president of engineering and to CTO. A lot of tech companies have engineers as their senior leaders, e.g., Microsoft, Google, etc.

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My New Book Concept and Top Qualities of a Good Software Engineers

My New Book Concept and Top Qualities of a Good Software Engineers

Packt Publishing reached out to me and offered to do a book.

They pretty much want me to do any book and pre-agreed already. They gave me carte blanche on the topic.

(More or less, I doubt I can convince them to publish a vampire thriller set in a Silicon Valley startup.)

Funny thing is that I know the editor. He worked at Apress Media when I published my first book Practical Node.js with them.

I submitted to them my idea about a software engineering career book for junior developers. They liked it. It can become a book!

While thinking about the career in software engineering, I thought about top skills.

As in any profession, software engineers requires a combination of certain skills and techniques.
I’ve done software engineering for over 15 years.
I taught total beginners (in Hack Reactor) and professionals (in Fortune 500 companies).

The most important skill in a good software engineer is not smarts. No. It’s not how good he can write code.
It’s not soft skills either

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Born vs Made Programmers

Born vs Made Programmers

Are programmers born or made? It depends. In 2010s, programming is so much easier than it used to be in 2000s. More and more gurus and dev bootcamp founders proclaim that programmers can be made.

I won’t say programmers are made. My answer: it depends. Instead of thinking programmers are made, utilize whatever belief is more useful to you.

If you are starting on the programming path later in your life as a second (or third, or fourth) career choice, then thinking programmers are born is detrimental! Why would you do such a thing?

Think and truly believe that programmers are made, if you want to succeed as a programmer. That’s because every time you encounter an issue, you’ll be inclined to work through it when you think that NOW you are a programmer.

On the contrary, you will be more successful thinking programmers are born, if you has been programming from your teens and programming is the only career you ever had. The reason is when you encounter a problem, you’ll be forced to find a solution because that’s what you do. You are a programmer and alway was. You have to come up with the answer because you are a programmer. You’ll value your job and think it’s your missing to write great software, because you won a lucky lottery.

If we dig deeper, programmer are not born. No one in the hospital looks at a child and says “congratulations, that’s a programmer”, “you are luckliy, that’s a QA engineer”, “sorry, that’s a designer”. No. Most likely it’s a dumb luck. The kid got a computer as an early age and tried programming and liked it. Then he got more experience and made himself into a programmer. So born is actually made just at an earlier age.

In any case, think and believe whatever is more useful to you in your career and life. Not what someone else tells you.

IT Consolidation

IT Consolidation

I’ve been working on the new edition of my best selling book Full Stack JavaScript. I was updating references, links and names of the services. A lot of libraries are dead and the links are unreachable. A lot of services are dead or being bought by big companies. The list is huge. Compose which was MongoHQ is now part of IBM. StrongLoop is part of IBM. Heroku is part of Salesforce. was bought and discontinued. Firebase is part of Google. Joyent is part of Samsung.

It’s kind of depressing. Take a look at this page. Nodejitsu, which was one of the first Node PaaS solutions, says it joins GoDaddy which is just an hiring of the team. They refer to Modulus which you think is another PaaS, but it’s not. It’s a very poorly-done website for what looks like some consulting company in the trading space or like some scam a 14-year old kid put together to get money for video games. The link to the blog post announcing Nodejitsu closure is 404 Not Found.

The previous edition of Full Stack JavaScript was published in 2015. In three years, a lot of companies either sold for scraps or closed or both (sold then closed the projects). It’s very refreshing to see this trend in a long span of several years.

Every market goes through cycles. First there’s an expansion with various offerings and then there’s a retraction with just a few major players dominating. It’s a winner takes all economy. Amazon, Google, Microsoft and IBM are serving major cloud services now. Startups are hard and most of them don’t know how execute. VCs are pushing for startups to spend more to acquire marketshare. The big companies have more leverage and more room for mistakes. They can just buy the best startup in the end.

Is it still worth trying to start your tech startup in 2018? Probably not unless it’s something completely new. You can’t drive forward while looking in a rear view mirror.

Why Blockchain is the Future, What is Bitcoin and How to Invest and Short It and Why Ethereum Is Better than Bitcoin in 1000 Words or Less

Bitcoin shorting on Kraken

Bitcoin price was rising like a crazy and that’s why more and more people are interested in it. I did my informal survey every time I was at a restaurant or taxi by asking waiters and taxi drivers if they invested in Bitcoin. Most of them said no or “what is bitcoin?”, so this article is for them.

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Learn Mobile App Development for FREE in Magical Lake Tahoe – Online Application for January 2018

FREE Mobile App Bootcamp

Did you know that WhatsApp sold for $19B just a few years after being created?

Do you have an idea and want to create an App?

Now it’s easier than than ever to create a mobile app!

With JavaScript and React Native, you can quickly learn a single programming language and start building simple Apps, and then who knows? Maybe you’ll be selling your app to Mr. Zuckerberg for a cool Billion with a B… or maybe you’ll earn a few extra hundreds of dollars in passive income.

FREE Mobile App Bootcamp

FREE Mobile App Bootcamp

Or maybe you just want to build an App for your mother, father, child, or spouse as a hobby or gift. You can do it with minimum effort with React Native.

I recently taught a workshop at Northwestern Mutual (it’s a huge financial and very lucrative firm) on React Native and people who never did any mobile development were able to build a mobile app after half a day of training.

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