Call for Reviewers and a Free Copy of Rapid Prototyping with JS

Call for Reviewers and a Free Copy

Get a free copy of Rapid Prototyping with JS and provide us your competent feedback to help prepare for the new revision and publishing on First 50 people to submit an application and qualify will receive a coupon for free download of Rapid Prototyping with JS.

  1. Fill a short form and wait for the coupon;
  2. Download the book for free on LeanPub;
  3. Send your feedback to (instructions will be provided later).

About Rapid Prototyping with JS

Rapid Prototyping with JS is a hands-on book which introduces you to rapid software prototyping using the latest cutting-edge web and mobile technologies including NodeJS, MongoDB, BackboneJS, Twitter Bootstrap, LESS, jQuery,, Heroku and others.

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