Growth Hacking The New DocuSign Experience

The DocuSign Momentum 2014 conference was a huge success, attended by over 1,200 people and filled with many announcements of new developments. One was a culmination of many years of hard work for DocuSign product engineering — the re-imagined web application dubbed the New DocuSign Experience.

The web app is fast, beautiful and well thought-through. It was a pleasure to watch its live demo on a large screens and hear tons of positive comments from glad DocuSign customers.

Being a part of the growth hacking team and its team lead / ScrumMaster, I had the chance to work on a few important features:

  • Responsive and dynamic homepage: certain sections on the homepage change based on account types and states, e.g., show “Your plan is expiring in X days” for trial users, but “You have Y documents left before reaching your limit” for freemium ones.
  • Visual notifications: special messages conveniently spread across the app, which are triggered dynamically based on user account states (similar to the dynamic homepage).
  • Analytics: removing old page-view-based tools in favor of event-based ones (go Mixpanel!).
  • In-app upgrade: before, it was not a smooth experience and required multiple logins, redirects and was a plain PITA.
  • Landing page for Sign a Document: when users self-sign docs, the recipients (CCs) see a nice page that prompts them to sign up.

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