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Thoughts about Introduction to Node.js training that I taught this week at Cisco in San Jose, CA

The hands-on Introduction to Node.js training consisted of two days and started badly: I was late driving from Oakland to San Jose through traffic, and security personnel in the lobby took extra 15 minutes to clear and escort me to the classroom. Nevertheless, attendees quickly plunged into installing Node.js, Node Package Manager and MongoDB using hard copies of Rapid Prototyping with JS: Agile JavaScript Development that I brought with me.

Rapid Prototyping with JS
Rapid Prototyping with JS

Few things felt to me different that a typical San Francisco public class at General Assembly or Hack Reactor, other things worth sharing should prepare me better for the similar future events:

  • 21 out of 22 students weren’t native American-English speakers (usually they’re minority)
  • Long lines at the cafeteria for healthy but no savory food (Mac Cafe is still the best on my list among Silicon Valley giants’ canteens)
  • I need to bring extra hard copies of the manual, i.e., Rapid Prototyping with JS
  • Brain teasers on JavaScript fundamentals are entertaining (not everybody knew front-end JS coming from Java/Python worlds)
  • Suburbia likes two stories industrial complexes
  • There were no windows in the class room
  • Badge-only-accessible doors everywhere
Marakana delivers technical training to corporations:
Marakana delivers technical training to corporations:

In the end I’m glad that Marakana gave me the opportunity to present the benefits of Node.js and jump-start the development with it at Cisco. It rewarding to see big guys adapting JavaScript stack!

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