Goodby MediaTemple and Hello WPEngine

This week I transferred from MediaTemple to WPEngine. MT was orders of magnitude better than my previous frugal shared hosting. Nevertheless, lately my weblog was choking (anywhere from 6–12s to load) on the days when the traffic was higher than 1,000 visitors. The transition was as easy as uploading SQL dump file and the wp-content folder. At the same time, I changed my nameservers which resulted in insonsistency and the slight downtime was cause by some kinks which WPEngine team was able to solve. However, so far the overall experience of WPE is pleasant and most importantly the speed is lightning fast!

No, WPEngine didn’t pay me credits to write this post. :-) Here is a coupon if you decide to switch: ARTOFBLOG.

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Azat Mardan
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