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We are building StartupMonthly internal system for community management with a potential to become new social network for entrepreneurs or Hacker News. With support of Steve Blank and Robert Scoble, we are incorporating StartupMonthly methodology for startup acceleration to improve productivity of startup ecosystems.

Join us as a Contributor

You will get exposure in the community and opportunity to work with StartupMonthly mentors, access to all the StartupMonthly events and all the cool technologies for rapid prototyping.

  • Frontend/Backend developers with BackboneJS, Node.JS and MongoDB skills.
  • Designer – Illustrator, Photoshop, CSS/HTML.

Please send your resume to, or Tweet to @azat_co or @byuric.

Author: Azat

Techies, entrepreneur, 20+ years in tech/IT/software/web development expert: NodeJS, JavaScript, MongoDB, Ruby on Rails, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS. 500 Startups (batch Fall 2011) alumnus.

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