Node.js at Capital One: Node Foundation Enterprise Case Study

Node.js at Capital One: Node Foundation Enterprise Case Study

Node Foundation published an enterprise case study about Node.js usage at Capital One. The title “After Call For Innovation from C-Suite, Node.js Pops Up All Over Capital One” and you can download the full case study from

I gave a few interviews and facilitated other interviews with Capital One software engineers and the reviews of the text with Capital One and Node Foundation. Interestingly, Node Foundation mentioned me and used a few of my quotes:

Azat Mardan, a Technology Fellow at Capital One, said that the new instances of Node.js aren’t necessarily replacing the systems the company spent decades building from scratch.
“We invested a lot in Java in the last 10 to 20 years; we’re not going to redo everything in Node.js,” Mardan said. “But with new projects, we are using Node.js. At this point, it is hard to find a business unit that is not using Node.js.”

Azat Mardan has been a major advocate for Node.js inside Capital
One, encouraging developer teams to learn how to use the
technology. He said Node.js is helping to unlock innovation inside his
company because the development cycle is sped up and simplified

Azat Mardan said the startup mantra of “fail faster” is alive and well in Capital One, and the shortened development cycle Node.js creates means the developers can easily try new things and not worry about too much wasted time on an idea that turns out to be a dud. Removing that fear of failure boosts creativity, he said.

If you work at an enterprise (i.e., a big company) and thinking about using Node.js, then download report in PDF and read the Node.js at Capital One case study.

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