Node Interactive Europe 2016 Recap

Node Interactive Europe 2016 Recap

I went to Node Interactive Europe which happened in September in Amsterdam, the official Node conference—the real deal. Organizers invited me to present on React, so I taught a workshop on Universal Web, and also participated on a panel discussion about containers and Node with folks from nearFrom, IBM, Zeit and Netflix. You should watch the panel recording on YouTube. It was a good one.

Node Interactive Europe 2016 in Amsterdam

I would give a conference a nickname Dutch sauna, because it was unusually hot, but that’s nothing when you remember that we were in a gorgeous building built many centuries ago.

Node Interactive lunch was in a gorgeous medieval town hall

Yes, Amsterdam is an interesting place. The population density is like in some Asian cities. I saw three bicycle accidents in just two days there. Anyway, here are the major highlight from Node Interactive Europe:

  1. If you’re still on 0.10 or 0.12, then upgrade now because by the end of the year they won’t be supported anymore and you won’t get any SSL update for them
  2. citgm tests ~80 npm modules against new Node versions to keep world from breaking
  3. ES6 modules won’t be coming any time soon
  4. node -inspect is here
  5. HTTP/2 is being worked on
  6. Event loop works not as many diagrams (and their authors) think
  7. Beginner-friendly Node Installer is coming (I even made a PR to it and so can you)
  8. Node Certification is in the works
  9. With a delta robot and Node you can make your bots earn virtual coins in a game
Node+Containers panel with Cian, Guillermo, Azat and others

I enjoyed a hallway track. I got chat with some of the most prominent Node contributors. I am looking forward to Node Interactive US. Last year it was the first time Node/Linux Foundation did it but it was big nevertheless. Kudos to Node/Linux Foundation, Mikael and Tracy for organizing and strengthening the Node community.


Reading blog posts is good, but watching video courses is even better because they are more engaging.

A lot of developers complained that there is a lack of affordable quality video material on Node. It's distracting to watch to YouTube videos and insane to pay $500 for a Node video course!

Go check out Node University which has FREE video courses on Node:

[End of sidenote]

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