Node.js & Express 101

Alex Ford: Node.js & Express 101

One and a half hour video tutorial on Express.js and Node.js for developers (on Mac and VIM).

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One thought on “Node.js & Express 101

  1. Bessie Malek

    With node-inspector, after executing node-debug app.js, I see the debug screen open up in Chrome (great!). I can click on the play button in the upper right (it says ‘resume script execution F8’ when I hover). But, after the application is running, I can’t figure out how to display it in a browser. If I’m not debugging, I can do npm start in the terminal and then view the application in a browser at http://localhost:3000/#/home. I’d like to set a breakpoint in my routing code and then click in the user interface on what should trigger that route. So, my question: how can I view my application in a browser when I am debugging?

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