NodeConf 2013

NodeConf 2013 Group Photo

I’m just back from NodeConf 2013 summer camp at Walker Creek Ranch in Petaluma which is in Marin County, California just a half-hour north of San Francisco.

I saw interesting node.js sessions, for example:

  • DTrace
  • Domains
  • Contributing to Node core
  • Streams
NodeConf 2013 Camp

NodeConf 2013 Camp

The format was very hands-on, but unlike at some other conferences each session lated one hour instead of 15–30 minutes. The other part of the NodeConf consisted of casual interaction between 300+ node.js professionals and enthusiasts, including but not limited to:

NodeConf 2013 swimming session

NodeConf 2013 swimming session

  • swiming in the Turtle Pond
  • hiking
  • drinking alcoholic beverages
  • singing and dancing
  • taking photos of deer and other animals
NodeConf 2013 Deer Spotting

NodeConf 2013 Deer Spotting

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