5 New Node.js Frameworks and Express.js Todo app

Tonight I merged and closed two pull requests, and made a few additions to the project. The updates include new logos (NPM+JS), typo fixes, 5 new frameworks and Express.js Todo App which is one of the four major tutorials in my new book Express.js Guide. The ebook is virtually ready and is sent to editors. It was the main cause for the lack of new posts at this weblog. Express.js Guide: The Most Popular Node.js Framework Manual is coming in a next 1-2 weeks. It’s almost 300 pages thick and has over 50 illustrations of many code examples. Hurry up if you want to get advantage of the 3x low pre-order price of $9.99 vs. the regular price of $29.99.

Here is the list of new frameworks from

  1. partial.js — mind blowingly has no dependencies
  2. Locomotive — descendant of Express.js
  3. COKE — full-stack goodness
  4. Rendr — AirBnB uses it
  5. Backnode — just because I <3 Backbone and Node

Do you know of an awesome new Node.js framework? Make pull request to this GitHub repo.

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One thought on “ 5 New Node.js Frameworks and Express.js Todo app

  1. Luc

    thanks, a couple of framework I did not know.
    I work more and more with sailsjs, a nodejs framework that definitively worth having a look !!!

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