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Now our hand-picked registry of Node.js frameworks ( has GitHub statistics right on the website, so you don’t have to navigate back and forth when making a decision!

This is how it looks: each framework has a number (GitHub stars) next to its name. This serves as a social proof meaning the more people use the framework the more robust it is and the less bugs it has.

GitHub stats on

GitHub stats on

The buttons provided by the service called GitHub Buttons. The links to the frameworks’ GitHub, NPM, examples and other resources are hidden under the “i” icon.

Thank you Randson Oliveira for contributing and making pull requests!

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2 thoughts on “ Got GitHub Stats

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  2. Marko Bonaci

    I’ve sent you a PR that changes Kraken.js URIs.
    It was linked to a wrong library, kraken, the image manipulation tool.
    The fact that kraken had only 17 stars was a clue something wasn’t adding up :)


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