Paste and Match Style on Mac OS X

If you don’t like the default behavior in Mac OS X which paste text with its styles there is a way to fix it! I personally find it very annoying when I press command + V (⌘+V) and text is pasted with all the formatting from the original source. Suddenly my beautifully picked font in an email or an Evernote note is ruined. Email looks like a decorated Christmas tree.

Paste and Match Style Mac OS X Shortcut

Paste and Match Style Mac OS X Shortcut

Of course there are alternative combinations to ⌘ + V to Paste and Match style but they differ from application to application and hard to use even if you can remember them.

Go to you System Preferences, click on Keyboard Shortcuts, pick Application Shortcuts and add applications (or make an “All Applications” rule):

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3 thoughts on “Paste and Match Style on Mac OS X

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  2. Charlie

    This helped me.. thank you. It was getting frustrating when typing a simple note have formatting coming along for the ride.

  3. Jof

    Hope this helps someone; the default built-in way of doing this is shift-alt-cmd-v. Seems a bit odd at first, but soon it’ll be second nature is it’s the paste command you’ll use most often. It’s pretty much universal, although I do remember it not working with the MS Office apps.

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