Pro Express.js: Master Express.js—The Node.js Framework For Your Web Development Is Out

Pro Express.js: Master Express.js—The Node.js Framework For Your Web Development Is Out

The long-anticipated Express.js manual is ready and was sent to to print at this week (December 24, 2014). To summarize the book, Pro Express.js: Master Express.js—The Node.js Framework For Your Web Development is all about understanding Express.js and building web apps with this framework and its middleware. Spend two minutes to read this post, to know how you can benefit from this valuable resource and the release.

Pro Express.js: Master Express.js—The Node.js Framework For Your Web Development Is Out
Pro Express.js: Master Express.js—The Node.js Framework For Your Web Development Is Out

Becoming a Better Node.js Developer

If you an intermediate or advanced beginner Node.js developer and want to become better at this cool, new technology, then you have lots of questions about the best practices and patterns. Most likely you’ve encountered Express.js, and you wish you knew more about useful settings and options to configure Express.js and its middleware.

The reason why I know these things is that, before I became proficient with Node.js and Express.js, I was a beginner just like you. Also, I’ve been in a position when I needed to learn Express.js quickly. In those sad moments, I was flat out miserable and often had to read the source code for the lack of a good documentation and examples. I wish I had Pro Express.js with me back then to explain the mechanisms in plain English, and provide inspiring code patterns that I could re-use in my projects. That’s why I’m confident that Pro Express.js will be great for intermediate Node.js developers (and advanced-beginners).

Pro Express.js can solve your pains and problems by providing the following benefits:

  1. You’ll become a better and more confident Node.js developer who has less confusion and more clarity.
  2. You’ll be able to impress your colleagues by employing clever Express.js settings, middleware and modules. And maybe even become a go-to-guy or a go-to-girl in your team for Express-related questions.
  3. You’ll save hours of frustration that you will be able to spend on fun activities or productive work.
  4. You’ll have a neat Express.js API and the framework’s middleware reference.
  5. You’ll know tips and tricks, and the best practices when working with Express.js, Node.js and web development in general.
  6. You’ll have a treasure chest of projects from which to borrow source code, as well as tutorials filled with comments and explanations.
  7. You’ll learn about useful modules that can save you hours of development and even more time debugging.
  8. You’ll be exposed and get a chance to use some good development habits such, as test-driven development, and code&naming conventions.

What if you already know and use Express.js? Even if you consider yourself an advanced Node.js developer, I GUARANTEE you’ll find some valuable insights in Pro Express.js, because the book is my brain-dump of Express.js-related material (tips and tricks) collected thought my work at Storify, DocuSign and HackReactor… and from reading tons of other Node.js books. That’s why, even if you’re an advanced Node.js developer, I’m absolutely positive you will find useful techniques, and patterns in this book that you probably haven’t seen before. This is because I’ve tested the manuscript on a few developers already.

Early Pro Express.js Readers’ Comments

Here are some of the comments that early readers of Pro Express.js made:

Pro Express.js is an excellent ebook about Node.js and Express framework. I can attest to it as an author of books on Node and Meteor.

— Caio Ribeiro Pereira, A JavaScript developer and author of the books about Node.js and Meteor, São Vicente, Brazil

Pro Express.js is great and awesome. That’s exactly what I was looking for when I was building Node.js project. The book has simple and practical examples, which makes it easier to learn for a web developer who is familiar with front-end JavaScript. I recommend Pro Express.js!

— Igor Ribeiro Lima, Systems Analyst / Web Developer, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Pro Express.js is a great book to learn and reference Express.js when you have a tight deadline!

—Josh Pagley, Software Developer, Ocala, Florida Area

I know many programming languages like Lisp, Prolog, Smalltalk, Ruby, Scheme and others. But when it comes to Node.js and Expess.js, I go to Pro Express.js, because I like it and I want to get it in my brain. I like other Azat Mardan’s books too such as Rapid Prototyping with JS and Oh My JS! :-)

— Rolf Bulk, A Programming Language Expert, Ettlingen/Germany

I immensely benefited from your Pro ExpressJS guide when I was building a service for my mobile app. Also, your blog is a huge timesaver for building Node.js apps!!

—Indrajit Chakrabarty, Mobile applications developer, Sydney, Australia

I have to admit NodeJS with ExpressJS is awesome and fun to code with. Thanks to Azat for such an easy walk through ExpressJS that saved me countless hours and allowed me to enjoy my NodeJS coding.

— Antonio Ramirez, Web Developer, Majorca

So what is Pro Express.js exactly?

The Definitive Guide on Express.js

Pro Express.js is similar in nature to my other book, Express.js Guide, which became an #1 Best Seller in the Client Server category. However, the new book has substantially more descriptions, comments, and other useful information. Also, Pro Express.js has been edited by Apress professionals and has up-to-date versions of libraries.

You’ll also find in this book, not one, but FOUR (4!) projects. One of them is more than 50 pages long, covering how I built—a real website and an online membership community. Furthermore, there are four appendices, which are bonus content, that include a migration guide, cheatsheet, references and resources to help you continue your education.

For a better understanding of the book and its approach, take a look at these excerpts from Pro Express.js, available on my blog:

If you liked the posts, then take advantage of the Pro Express.js release offer: BUY the book, then send your receipt to I’ll send you a special Holiday bonus ebook on Introduction to OAuth with Node.js: Twitter API OAuth 1.0, OAuth 2.0, OAuth Echo, Everyauth and OAuth 2.0 Server Examples (reg. $9.87) and Mongoose Course: Master Object-Document Mapper for Node.js and MongoDB (reg. $19.87). So you total saving will be $29.74+ if you act now.

This offer is only valid if you purchase Pro Express.js: Master Express.js—The Node.js Framework For Your Web Development between December 28, 2014 and January 3, 2014.

If you already have the OAuth and Mongoose resources and/or prefer to have Pro Express.js in PDF, then you can use AZAT14 code to get 20% off at Apress site. The code is valid only from December 28, 2014 and January 3, 2014.

Do you think Pro Express.js is expensive, even with bonus content or 20% off?

Expensive Pro Express.js?

You might have a concern: Pro Express.js is too expensive. Yes, maybe the book is too expensive compared to free online documentation and blog posts. However, it’s not expensive if you’re thinking of mastering Node.js for career advancement purposes. An average rate for Node.js engineers is $50–100 per hour. So if you can save yourself an hour of productive work with Pro Express.js, then the book will pay for itself and then do it again and again each time you use it. In addition, the book is cheap compared to some Node.js live or online courses.

Pro Express.js took about two years to complete (considering Express.js Guide was a part of it). That’s why its content is extensive. It took almost a year of Apress team’s work cumulatively!

Because the book took so much time and effort, its content is extensive. However, I am 100% sure Pro Express.js will be worth your time to read it. Just glance at the Table of Contents:


Part One: Getting Started

  1. Starting with Express.js

  2. ‘Hello World’ Example

Part Two: Deep API Reference

  1. Configuration, Settings and Environments

  2. Working with Middleware

  3. Templating Engines and Consolidate.js

  4. Extracting Parameters and Routing

  5. Request

  6. Response

  7. Error Handling and Running an App

Part Three: Solving Common and Abstract Problems

  1. Abstraction

  2. Database, Keys and Stream Organization

  3. Redis and Authentication Pattern

  4. Multithreading with Clusters

  5. Stylus, LESS, and SASS

  6. Security Tips

  7. and Express.js

  8. Domain and Express.js

  9. Sails.js, DerbyJS, LoopBack and Other Frameworks

Part Four: Tutorials and Examples

  1. Instagram Gallery

  2. Todo App


  4. HackHall

  5. ExpressWorks


  1. Appendix A: Related Reading and Resources

  2. Appendix B: Migrating Express.js 3.x to 4.x: Middleware, Route and Other Changes

  3. Appendix C: Express.js 4 Cheatsheet

  4. Appendix D: ExpressWorks

So, if you’re convinced that Pro Express.js will benefit you right now, then buy the book. And don’t forget to forward your receipt to to get OAuth ebook and Mongoose course ($29.74 value). Get the deal right now. It’s only good for the next seven days (from December 28, 2014 to January 3, 2014).

However, if you think to yourself: I like the book, but now is not the right time for me to buy and learn Express.js, then read the next blurb.

The Best Time to Get Pro Express.js

I know that maybe you don’t work with Express.js right now. But right opportunities can come unexpectedly, and it’s best to be ready. Our lives shaped in the moments of our decisions. What if you’re busy at this moment? There’s never a perfect time, but we can create time for yourselves if we decide to make something a priority. Also, many newer Node.js frameworks borrow heavily from Express.js. So it pays to know their foundation.

Plus, if you act now, then you’ll get the great value out of this time-sensitive offer: If you buy the book between December 28, 2014 and January 2, 2014 and email me at, then you’ll get an ebook on OAuth and Mongoose course (valued at $29.74). The offer is good ONLY FOR SEVEN DAYS. So hurry up.

If you prefer to have a PDF file instead of Kindle, then you can get 20% off the price at Apress with code AZAT14 (valid from December 28, 2014 to January 3, 2014).

PS: Thank you for your valuable input and participation!

Author: Azat

Techies, entrepreneur, 20+ years in tech/IT/software/web development expert: NodeJS, JavaScript, MongoDB, Ruby on Rails, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS. 500 Startups (batch Fall 2011) alumnus.

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