Practical Node.js TOC

As the Apress team of technical reviewers and copy editors and I make progress on the Practical Node.js manuscript, the date of the publication approaches fast. Last time I checked it was June 2014.

Practical Node.js: Building Real-world Scalable Web Apps
Practical Node.js: Building Real-world Scalable Web Apps

Many people ask me: how is the process compared to self-publishing? Is it worth the hassle?

So far, I can say only good things about my editors and the process of traditional publishing itself. I’m impressed about so many things I’ve already learned about structuring and technical writing. I feel like it enormously improved my style. There is more on this in my new meta book&resource ProgWriter.

As a sneak peek, here’s the tentative Table of Contents for the Practical Node.js book:

  1. Setting up Node.js and Other Essentials
  2. Using Express.js to Create Node.js Web Apps
  3. TDD and BDD for Node.js with Mocha
  4. Template Engines: Jade and Handlebars
  5. Persistence with MongoDB and Mongoskin
  6. Using Sessions and OAuth to Authorize and Authenticate Users in Node.js Apps
  7. Boosting Your Node.js Data with the Mongoose ORM Library
  8. Building Node.js REST API Servers with Express.js and Hapi
  9. Real-time Apps with WebSockets, Socket.IO and DerbyJS
  10. Getting Node.js Apps Production Ready
  11. Deploying Node.js Apps
  12. Publishing Node.js Modules and Contributing to Open Source

The good thing is that people who want to get the book first don’t have to wait ’til the book is released. They can pre-order the book on Amazon, or even better get access to the alpha version at Apress!

The alpha version will be release chapter by chapter starting in the next few weeks!