Web Frameworks for Node.js

Note: For a detailed Express.js learning resource, please check out Express.js Guide: The Most Popular Node.js Framework Manual book.

TL;DR Visit nodeframework.com.

Node.js is one of the fastest growing platforms, but its’s relatively young. Therefore, there’s no dominant framework like Django for Python, Rails for Ruby or Cake for PHP. Node.js frameworks niche is level playing field.

There are multiple libraries and philosophies including MVC concept, configuration over convention, applying principles from Ruby on Rails, and the approach of merging front-end and back-end. It becomes more tedious for developers to make an educated right choice. Because of it, we put together a resource called nodeframework.com (also nodeframeworks.com and mvcnode.com, which one you like the best?) which serves as a hand-picked registry of web frameworks for Node.js. It’s an open-source project so please feel free to contribute examples, descriptions or awesome new Node.js frameworks!