What is Accelerator.IO?

It’s a new social network for entrepreneurs with productivity tools based on Lean Startup methodology. Accelerator.IO is a niche social network similar to dribbble, which is for designers, and Forrst, which is for developers. Main focus for us, team of Accelerator.IO, is to provide valuable tools and content for startupers, founders, hackers and hustlers by connecting them with mentors, investors and most importantly fellow entrepreneurs across the globe. It is important to state that Accelerator.IO is not a competitor to AngelList but rather a complimentary tool. In fact, we leverage AngelList API to gather entrepreneurial information about users such as company name and website URL. In a sense Accelerator.IO is a global online co-working space where smart and bright minds collaborate and learn from each others failures and successes.


The key features of Accelerator.IO:

  • curated access and content moderation to keep discussions interesting and engaging;
  • access to global network of like-minded people;
  • leveraging AngelList API for easier adoption;
  • reliance on the over 6,000 people network of StartupMonthly fund and startup accelerator, across Silicon Valley/San Francisco, Middle East and Europe;
  • productivity tools for entrepreneurs and startups founders based on Lean Startup methodology.

Right now Accelerator.IO is in beta testing. We accept early access sign ups and beta testers at http://signup.accelerator.io.

Last but not least, if you are looking for a side-project to pick-up a new skills in web and mobile development, or get a free access to startup social events and get exposure on web — Accelerator.IO is accepting volunteers: JavaScript developers, front-end or back-end (we’ll teach you Node.js if you’re only front-end dev right now).