CoffeeScript: The Good Parts

CoffeeScript: The Good Parts at QConNY 2014

It’s not a secret that the topic of CoffeeScript is controversial to say the least. Many reputable JavaScript and Node.js developers just hate CoffeeScript, but there are lessons we can all learn from its good parts! However, many developers just won’t go back to plain JavaScript after building something relatively serious with CoffeeScript.

My own story is going from making fun to loving it after a year developing an enterprise product. As with the famous JavaScript: The Good Parts book, we’ll look at what’s good in CoffeeScript (and it’s quirks too).

The CoffeeScript: The Good Parts talk will share experiences from the trenches of using CoffeeScript in production. This talk was first presented at the QCon New York 2014 conference. You can watch it on their InfoQ page. Or you can watch the video recorded at DevBootCamp meetup in San Francisco, CA:

Direct link to Youtube is

Sorry for the poor audio (try the QCon/InfoQ video as well). We did our best with the captions… so turn the captions on!

This talk was recorded at DBCxSF (DevBootCamp SF Open Learning).

The slides are here. And the QCon/InfoQ video is here.

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