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Nathan made tons of money on apps and books. I had the privilege to meet with Nathan at Gumroad events and at the Pioneer Nation conference. He’s cool.

Read what famous Nathan Barry has to say about writing for developers. It’s his foreword to my book ProgWriter (programmer + writer):

Nathan Barry
Nathan Barry

“Developers don’t pay for things.”

That was the resounding message I heard when I told people I was working on a book to help programmers get better at designing iOS apps. I’m glad I didn’t listen.

Two years ago I started down a path that took me from an unknown freelance designer to making over $500,000 from self-published books. Those who say developers don’t pay for things—especially books—couldn’t be more wrong.

You see, as a programmer you are in a unique position: you know a valuable skill. More people are learning to code than ever before. Demand for developers is higher and developer salaries are reaching incredible levels. Meaning coding is a skill that makes money.

When you teach a skill that makes money readers who understand the concept of a return on investment will make a simple value judgment and buy with confidence since they know the new skill will be worth far more than the cost of a book.

Spending $39 on a book is nothing if it means a $5,000 raise that year or the potential to get a new job that could pay $10,000 more!

Developers that want to advance their careers are happy to pay for training that will help them.

You have the skills, now it’s time to start teaching. You don’t have to wait for permission from a publisher—after all, self-publishing is the most profitable way to go—or wait to have an audience.

Start writing your book and building your audience at the same time. If you keep at it you’ll have a healthy side income from your own book very soon.

I’ll let Azat take it from here and show you exactly how it’s done.
Nathan Barry,

Author of The App Design Handbook, Designing Web Applications, and Authority

Would you like to be as famous and successful as Nathan?

Go to conferences and live on your own terms?

What prevents you from publishing your first info product like a book or course?

What are your concerns?

I’m preparing ProgWriter 2.0. Existing readers will get the new version for free. It will have chapters on launch, online courses, live courses and marketing.

Comment here, if you want me to answer some of your questions in the new edition.

Or get my book now, to learn my story and my secrets.


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