Sublime Giveaway Winner

Last week I started a giveaway. The prize is Sublime Text license ($70).

You can see the draw in this screencast:

Sublime Giveaway Winner

Sublime Giveaway Winner







The winner is someone with a nickname “soouee”.


Best Regards,
Azat Mardan
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6 thoughts on “Sublime Giveaway Winner

  1. soouee

    Thank you.
    I’m soonhwan kwon and my job is a reasearcher at SamsungSDS which is an leading IT company in South Korea. Nowadays I use R for fast proto typing and visualization, and Scala(spark) for development. For most of the years I was in the projects related to the big data mining and Building Energy Management System.
    Thank you again for the great giveaway!

  2. Azat Post author


    Would you mind telling your name, tech stack you use, maybe a few projects and what is your company?

    I sent you an email last week. Did you get it? I haven’t inboxed my email yet. I’ll do it tomorrow!

  3. soouee

    Thank you for the great giveaway!
    I didn’t know the result until my co-worker told me so.

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