StartupBus Day 2: Arizona

The journey continues. We entered and crossed Arizona stopping for a late lunch in Tucson near University of Arizona campus. The weather was nice and everybody got a chance to stretch legs and grab quality food.

The journey continues. We entered and crossed Arizona stopping for a late lunch in Tucson near University of Arizona campus. The weather was nice and everybody got a chance to stretch legs and grab quality food.

StartupBus and SxSW

StartupBus is a national hackathon on the way to SxSW in Austin, TX. I’m participating with West Coast/SF team, there are buses from NYC, NY, Chicago, Tampa, FL and Mexico City, Mexico.

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Coders Without Border’s Open letter to Developer community. #StartupBus #WestCoast… Gupta
Open Letter to developer , travelling from San Francisco to SXSW, Austin, TX at 70 miles per hour, through the Arizona desert with intermittent wi-…
Arizona: more than just old people, old dinosaur sculptures too #startupbus Cannon
65 mph on a bus or 9 mph on a skateboard. #StartupBus #StartupBusSE Florida
No stop til’ NOLA. #StartupBus #StartupBusSE Florida
Check out the awesome #startupbus promo video from @nowthisnews about @thestartupbus – more coverage to come soon!
This year’s @TheStartupBus website is now live; check out the live updating map, and explore! #startupbusMikeCaprio(╯°□°)╯︵┻┻
Mobile hacking with @Verizon #LTE #MiFi CC @TheStartupBusAzat Mardanov
Random guy wants to come on the @TheStartupBus. Here’s his audition. And yes, that is a tree on our bus peruta
Our conductor, Ray, on @thestartupbus has been keeping us on track and motivated!
Bus window whiteboards on the #startupbus @TheStartupBus Labs
Stay for the night @thestartupbus (at San Diego Downtown Lodge) — Mardanov
Burning midnight oil on @thestartupbus Mardanov @katescisel Mardanov
Stephan got left, we returned and picked him up with beer Mardanov
Falon takes the stage @thestartupbus Mardanov
Departing @thestartupbus Mardanov
Coffee at the cycle place CC @thestartupbus Mardanov
The bus driver on @thestartupbus stopped to help a lady change her tire. What a guy!
@elance @thestartupbus #startupbus #killinit #youkno #wego #cantstop #dontquit #killinitinthecode Land
Thanks a lot @Astreets for the feedback on @GhostPostApp at @TheStartupBusStefan Broda
@justinisaf @gsvitak @davidykay @gregdrm DOINNNN WERKKKKKK! On @TheStartupBus #startupbus @EliasBiz on the beatz Land
Constantly supporting innovation and entrepreneurs – @LaunchpadLA housing the @TheStartupBus Birchfield
We on the @TheStartupBus. It’s name is Fred. Or Snufulupugus, depending who you ask. #startupbuschi Price
Late start for the alumni @TheStartupBus. But our conductor ray is leading us forward peruta
The bus is ready #westcoast #first @TheStartupBus Mardanov
Startup Bus is Not a Joke | Web App LogWhen my co-worker heard about StartupBus for the first time he thought that it was a joke. How crazy is to put yourself on a bus with str…
Good luck to anybody gearing up to get on @TheStartupBus this week. Red Bull, and a power strip. You’re welcome.Adam Kerpelman
@thestartupbus kickoff party #startupbus (at @ffvc) [pic]: Gottfried
Headed to @ffvc for the #StartupBus NYC kickoff very soon. @TheStartupBusCurtis Kline
going to pack for @TheStartupBus SF in an hour. Any #pro tips? Send them my way. #please #6DayTrip #flyingbackPrateek Gupta
Buspreneur @foursquare badge!!!! @TheStartupBus╯°□°)╯︵┻┻
Getting ready for @thestartupbus and #SxSW #leanstartup #RPJS [pic] — Mardanov
Hey hackers/designers, don’t miss the ride of your life on @TheStartupBus departing March 3 – apply today at
Stocking up NYC team with Vitamin Water.
Thanks @vitaminwater!! “@jonmarkgo An endless supply of @vitaminwater for @TheStartupBus NYC. Oh man I’m excited!”MikeCaprio(╯°□°)╯︵┻┻
And with Kind snacks.
Just got our final delicious food delivery for @TheStartupBus from @kindsnacks – thanks! Gottfried
Thank you @pretzelcrisps for making @TheStartupBus NYC so much more delicious! Gottfried
I’m pregaming @TheStartupBus with Dane! Gottfried
Wondering how to prepare for @TheStartupBus? Here’s a list of suggested items to bring on the trip!╯°□°)╯︵┻┻
Riding @TheStartupBus again this year out of Tampa.Joe DeSetto
Mexican teams have 3 days to conceive, build and launch companies at 60mph @TheStartupBus @StartupBusMX Cc. @l1452¿Cintli?
Holy crap. I’m on @TheStartupBus. Cannot wait to meet some people and code like a mofo.Rui
Excited some new gear came in before I left for @thestartupbus Seefried
StartupBus 2013 Promises More Excitement, Bigger Surprises via @TheStartupBusAzat Mardanov
NYC team is getting all exited as well.
@azat_co @thestartupbus Yeah! I’m on the NYC #StartupBus. You??Erica Swallow
West Coast team got some nice stuff thanks to @prtkgpt.
@prtkgpt @jonmarkgo @TheStartupBus @GranolaLab @michiamoalice Try Eat24 because you know what they say…once you try us, after ya love us!Eat24
@jonmarkgo @thestartupbus @granolalab @michiamoalice Haha! We got @eat24 on our side. #BeatThatPrateek Gupta
StartupBusWe’re building an entrepreneurial ecosystem through unique experiences and inspirational connections. Our vision is to empower the people…

To the story-tellers, it starts with an Australian and a pub (fun story). To the people watching, it’s a annual competition that brings out tribal-like rivalries. But to anyone part of the experience, it’s a personal challenge with a lifelong impact.

StartupBus has a long term vision to encourage the creation of successful startups that improve our world. We do that, not by building startup’s directly but developing a global community of some of the smartest people in technology, bonded by one of the most intense learning experiences they will ever go through.

GhostPost Twitter account was blocked because they were tweeting to random people too frequently.

Coders Without Borders ( launched their website and PR campaign. They’ve got over 200 likes on the MSFT BizPark Facebook post! is also making good progress. Their campaign against making cell phone unlocking illegal is gaining momentum with over 115,000 signed-up.

Tonight we’ve stayed in Americas Best Value Inn in Las Cruces, NM. The hotel hosts are very hospitable. They made a special sign for us, arranged for mid-night snacks and drove Falon and Ruben to Sonic to get us dinner! Such an upgrade with a swimming pool and gym over our last night’s downtown San Diego motel.

We use GroupMe for text messaging buspreneurs, it’s an amazing tool.

Checkout our photos and tweets at

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