Startupbus Day 3: Texas

Today we finished the biggest leg of our trip, San Francisco, CA — San Antonio, TX.

Giant chili pepper, Las Cruses, NM

Giant chili pepper, Las Cruses, NM

We took photos with a giant chili pepper, drove by the Mexico border in El Paso, ate at K-Bob steak house, and arrived at Four Point by Sheraton in San Antonio, TX. There wasn’t anything out of ordinary on the bus. Teams worked hard last night trying to launch their MVPs. Many thanks go to our driver Joe for driving us safely and comfortably.

Our west coast bus was the first to arrive to San Antonio. Mexico City bus followed shortly and the lobby filled with sleep deprived 20 and 30 year-olds. Buses from Chicago, NYC and Tampa are arriving to Four Point as well. Teams plan to pull all-nighters to present tomorrow their startups at Rackspace for the semi-finals.

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